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【豚王10月份限定王! Butao Limited King in Oct!】

香港店限定 - 元氣王!

Hong Kong shops Exclusive - Genki King!

香濃的咖哩油配搭醇厚的豚骨湯底,再加上極度濃郁的特製咖哩肉碎球,辛味與香味為舌尖帶來強烈的衝擊,成就了豚王限定王的人氣始祖- 元気王!職人決定將這份難以忘懷的回憶,再次帶給所有拉麵迷。想重拾這份回憶的您,絕對不可錯過!

由2023年10月1日至30日,元氣王將每日分兩個時段供應,首時段為中午12時起,次時段為傍晚 6 時起。各時段供應量有限,售完即止。

Butao's head chef mingled the rich curry oil into our signature tonkotsu broth, with the curry minced ball of the top, the spiciness and the extreme aroma of the curry will definitely stimulate you taste bud. All these become Butao fans’ favourite Limited King ever - the Genki King! Don't miss it again to recollect the unforgettable experience!

The Genki King will be available in 2 sections every day from Oct 1 to 30, 2023: section 1 start from 12:00n.n.; and section 2 from 6:00p.m.. It's available on a first come first-served basis and while stock lasts each day.


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