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【豚王8月份限定王! Butao Limited King in August!】

香港店限定 - #德島王!

Exclusive for Hong Kong branches - Tokushima King!

Tokushima is one of the last city to become famous for distinctive ramen style. Our chefs try bringing this authentic taste back to all ramen goers. Using the special homemade shoyu and mixing it with our signature tonkotsu broth, the shoyu flavor is outstandingly presented and its scent will immediately make you relieved. The stewed pork belly that marinated with shoyu and wine is so intense and juicy. Topped with a fresh raw Japanese egg, the shoyu-seasoned tonkotsu broth smoothed over with the egg yolk and becomes richer and creamy. You are diving in with relish after a couple of bites, it just tastes unbelievably good!

The Tokushima King will be available in 2 sections every day: section 1 start from 12:00 n.n..; and section 2 from 6:00 p.m.. It's available on a first come first-served basis and while stock lasts each day.

今年盛夏,豚王的職人為大家帶來一陣日本古早風味 - 德島王!


由2022年8月1日至31日,德島將於豚王香港全線分店推出。黑醋王每日分兩個時段供應,首時段為中午12時起,次時段為傍晚 6 時起。各時段供應量有限,售完即止。


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