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豚王各區7月份限定王! Limited King in July!


香港店限定 - 咖喱王!

Hong Kong shops Exclusive - Curry King!

When two of the most popular Japanese food - curry and ramen - merge together, how could you resist?

Butao Ramen presents to you the best combination of all in this month’s special! Even before the Curry King is bestowed upon you, you will already be attracted by the aromatic Japanese curry flavor while our ramen specialist is preparing it. Once you’ve started eating, you will be mesmerized by the different layers of flavors in one bowl - the hot and sweetness of Japanese curry, the nostalgic aroma of Japanese sweet sauce, the earthy, woodsy flavor of shimeji mushroom, and the smokiness of deep-fried bean curd.

To ‘top’ it off, our head ramen chef added the creative twist of potato chips on the curry paste and ramen! Our latest Limited King is truly delicious and bold! Grab your bowl before it is sold out!

The Curry King will be available in 2 sections every day: section 1 start from 11:00 a.m.; and section 2 from 6:00 p.m.. It's available on a first-come first-served basis and while stock lasts each day.

豚王職人把日本人的2大美食拉麵&咖喱加起來,便成了眼前的這個咖喱王! 除了入口時的日式咖喱味道,之後伴隨而來的,就是若隱若現,且令人懷念的日和醬汁風味!為了增加層次感,同趣味,職人別出心裁地將爽脆的薯片加入到拉麵當中。這樣的配搭,既大膽,又創新,你又豈能錯過!

咖哩: 豚王的職人,精心並準確地計算了各種食材的成份配搭,為濃味豚骨湯底添上了一些香辣味的同時,又不會令到辣味過重而蓋過豚骨湯味。






上海、廣州、深圳及澳門店限定 - 元氣王!

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Macau shops Exclusive - Genki King!

Butao's head chef mingled the rich curry oil into our signature tonkotsu broth, with the curry minced ball of the top, the spiciness and the extreme aroma of the curry will definitely stimulate you taste bud. All these become Butao fans’ favourite Limited King ever - the Genki King! Don't miss it again to recollect the unforgettable experience!

香濃的咖哩油配搭醇厚的豚骨湯底,再加上極度濃郁的特製咖哩肉碎球,辛味與香味為舌尖帶來強烈的衝擊,成就了豚王限定王的人氣始祖- 元気王!職人決定將這份難以忘懷的回憶,再次帶給所有拉麵迷。想重拾這份回憶的您,絕對不可錯過!



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