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豚王7月份限定王! Butao Hong Kong Limited King in July!

香港店限定 - 黑醋王! Hong Kong shops Exclusive - Black Vinegar King! Our Japanese master chef strives to promote the healthiness and freshness when he designs the Limited King. Apart from other fresh fruits and vegetables, he chooses tomato and soft cream cheese for their unique flavors. The black vinegar paste merges into Butao’s signature Tonkotsu broth flawlessly, it imparts distinguishable flavor and aroma to the already condensed and thick pork broth! One bite of it will get you hooked up. So come on over and satisfy your ramen craving taste buds! The Black Vinegar King will be available in 2 sections every day: section 1 start from 11:30 a.m.; and section 2 from 6:00 p.m.. It's available on a first come first-served basis and while stock lasts each day. 今個初夏,就讓黑醋王再次為大家帶來滋潤的氣息吧! 為了讓大家嚐到不一樣的味道,豚王的職人靈機一動,於豚骨湯內加入黑醋,湯底散發出濃厚的香氣,微微的酸度出奇地與豚骨湯底一拍即合,滋味讓人無法抵擋。配上秘製蕃茄醬及柔軟的乳脂酪,不但充滿了意式風情,更是豚王拉麵的又一最佳配搭!香味讓人垂涎,味道一試難忘! (黑醋王每日分兩個時段供應,首時段為上午 11時30分起,次時段為傍晚 6 時起。各時段供應量有限,售完即止。)


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