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豚王8月份限定王! Butao Hong Kong Limited King in August!

香港店限定 - #塩梅王!

Hong Kong shops Exclusive - Anbai King!

May I have your attention please! Our new limited Anbai King is going to roll out this summer! Are you all ready? As always, Butao’s head chef uses the well-chosen chicken bones, sea-salted and other fresh ingredients for an exquisite chicken consommé. To enhance the flavour and complexity of the ramen and tickle your taste bud, our chef adds the homemade ginger and perilla plum paste into it, which absolutely spots on. On top of that, the chef specially put both the slow-cooked chicken char siu and Pork char siu on the ramen for the best ramen combination, bringing a refreshing Summer.

The Anbai King will be available in 2 sections every day: section 1 start from 11:30 a.m.; and section 2 from 6:00 p.m.. It's available on a first come first-served basis and while stock lasts each day.

豚王職人在夏日為大家獻上清爽怡人的全新季節限定一品 – 塩梅王!

看起來清新優雅的雞清湯,以大量雞骨、海塩及其他新鮮材料熬製而成,味道淡麗清甜而不膩;將職人特製的生姜紫蘇梅子醬融入湯底之中,配合豚王專用的細麵,微微的辛辣度與梅子釋放出的酸度掛於麵條上,刺激口感味蕾,促進食慾。再加上悉心製作的慢煮雞叉燒和豚叉燒,定必為炎炎夏日添上一抹簡約清新的感覺! 由2021年8月1日至31日,塩梅王將於豚王香港全線分店推出。塩梅王每日分兩個時段供應,首時段為上午 11時30分起,次時段為傍晚 6 時起。各時段供應量有限,售完即止。


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